We are Venture Builders

A startup studio, that repeatedly ideate, build and grow our own startups, based on a lean process with a cross-disciplinary team and shared resources. Grow fast or kill fast.

We are an Incubator

By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. A thriving ecosystem, helping kickstart your business idea to the fullest. We empower you and your team on the different stages of your startup's development and growth. Apply now.

On a Mission

To increase startup success rate. By leveraging our experience on company building. By applying tested frameworks and processes. By leveraging an amazing network of mentors, investors and partners.




Rui Gouveia

The Godfather (aka CEO)

Creative technologist by uƃısǝp.
Entrepreneur by ʇɹɐǝɥ.
Also co-founded comOn a leading digital marketing agency.


João Pereira

Full Stack Ninja (aka Developer)

João is a ninja developer that speaks most relevant languages and leaves no bug behind.


Dário Carrasquinho

Product Alchemist (aka Product Manager)

Curious & Optimist by nature. Dário is a go-getter. He believes in a data first philosophy but he can also make decisions in ambiguous situations. Ultimately he gets shit done and learns along the way too.


João Duarte

Number Cruncher (aka Data Scientist)

A Growth hacker with focus on numbers. With João on board, decisions are made with data to support them.


João Silva

Code Warlock (aka Developer)

João lives to find and banish bugs across the code universe.


Carlos Simões

Jedi Master (aka Developer)

The force is strong with Carlos and he makes sure our products work flawless.


Salvador Barros

Customer Wizard (aka Customer Success and Sales)

A true people person that puts clients first. Leads, prospects, trial or premium clients, Salvador makes sure they have the best experience.


Leonor Sousa

Marketing Guru (aka Growth Hacker)

Leonor believes that data speaks louder than gut feeling. May the growth be with us.


Afonso Duarte

UX Jedi (aka Designer)

Afonso is a young and thirsty designer with a passion for branding and to deliver great user experiences.



Looking for a job?

We’re hiring… Any kind of Scientist, Jedi, Ninja, Rockstar, Superhero or just normal Humans who want to join our amazing resident team.

Looking for a co-founder?

We are always looking for great founders with great ideas to partner with us. With great set of skills in-house, we can be the co-founder you are missing to make your idea a success.

Looking for an Incubator?

Join our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, sta rtups and mentors that can support your early-stage company grow, in our cool and vibrantoffice space.


Lisbon is in our hearts! If you visit us, we assure you it will be on yours too.
With great golden light all year long and amazing food (and beer… and wine…) is one of the hottest hubs for new startups and creative minds.

Come and meet us in the Hood, where you can go from one meeting room to another on a bike or skate. We are not lazy or anything, it’s just fun!


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Build Up Labs specializes in developing digital products (from web to mobile apps to new media and APIs) and bring those products to the market. We build our own ideas or partner with entrepreneurs or corporates on this ventures.

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